Sóley’s song

Come here, my love,
sit with me for a while
and watch the mountains veil.
Come, sit here, let your soul glide
to snow covered tops afar
and dream yourself away.

And remember me…
…remember all that was…

Remember the story of a woman with courageous dreams
and a man too afraid to lose.
Sit down and dare to tell me the end
which I forgot so long ago.

Come to me, my heart,
over black and stony heights.
Take shelter from the biting wind
warm your freezing hands upon my skin
and your heavy heart on my smile.
Slip under covers and watch
the rain roll in over land and shore.

And cover us up…
…cover up all that is.
Remember me.
Remember all that was today.


“Soley’s song” was one of the first poems I wrote after a long writer’s block – we’re talking about several years here – when I had actually thought I had lost every bit of creativity I ever owned. Luckily this changed in 2015 when I came up with the idea of a story that turned out to be novel length and which I finished last year. “Soley’s song” accompanies that story/ novel and is told from the point of view of one of the main characters. One day I’d like to make a song out of it, but that’s still going to take a lot of time and practice!



Photo by Florian de Mooy

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