So this is where it starts…

yes, indeed. In fact, this was probably the post I was most scared of. The writer’s fear of a blank page. But like with every fear, there’s only one way to handle it: Do the exact opposite of what it wants you to do. So here we go!

I think I have been writing prose and poetry ever since I learnt to write. No exaggeration. My parents have some barely decipherable poem about an elephant standing on a beach on one foot. My very first masterpiece. But even though I shared some of my writing with friends and family I never really dared to step forward to a broader audience. So this is an exiting step for me.

What can you expect here? Quite a bit of poetry, actually, and me  talking rather excitedly about music. I’m a music-addict and take a lot of my inspiration from music and going to concerts. I also love travelling and sometimes combine my passions  by going to concerts abroad. One of my favourite destinations is Iceland – the home of my soul, as I like to call it – and I am also a big fan and supporter of the Icelandic music scene and its incredible diversity.

My writing is quite emotional, I guess, sometimes deeply personal, sometimes just telling a story – and sometimes both. I have been writing poetry  in English ever since I was able to express myself decently in that language. Why English and not German, my mother tongue?  Mostly because I find it  much easier to express emotions in English and paint pictures with my words. My prose, funnily enough, I always write in German, though.

So thank you for stopping by and taking some time to check out my writing. I’d be happy to welcome you back on my page  or, if you like what you read, maybe give me a follow?

So here’s to a good start. Cheers!



  1. Welcome aboard to a great blogging community! Your writing, based on what you’ve shared so far, is full of vivid imagery and hearty language. I wish you all the best as you continue to spread your wings and soar! All the best, Kelsey. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Kelsey. Your words mean a lot to me, I’m always so happy when I can reach people with what I write! 😊 Even though I don’t have many followers so far I’m quite overwhelmed with the response to every post. I never would have imagined!

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      • You’re very welcome! It’ll be a journey that surprises you— I’m over the one year mark now, and there isn’t a day that goes by I’m not awed by any and all responses. Keep dreaming and writing! 😊

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