The stricken soul

And by the fire he sits
his gaze on the flames
not feeling the snow
nor my hand on his
unconscious by darkness’ full-force blow.

My heart is heavy and aches,
so close by his side,
his soul a raw wound
unable to heal
his mind all clouded with imminent doom.

And from the fire he rises
all frozen in silence
his dark eyes a mirror
of flames and of grief
his figure sunken under the weight of a sinner.

And nothing I do
will ward of his demons
and nothing I say
will lift off the weight
oblivious to me, he’s walking away.

I’m watching him leave
into the thick darkness
his weary feet heavy
the body off balance
when he suddenly turns his face to me:

“And blessed are those,
who read in our silence.
And blessed are those,
who see through our wrongs.”
He quietly smiles and walks his way.


Todays poem is a rather new one and was inspired by a very strange dream of mine. It is not rare for me to have bizarre and vivid dreams, to be honest I could probably fill a whole blog with the weird stories of my ‘second life at night’ (as a friend once so appropriately put it). This dream stuck out though because it was recurring several nights in a row and the feeling it gave me (which I tried to capture in this poem) stayed with me long after I was awake.

So just like the poem tells, in my dream I met a man  – totally unknown to me – sitting by a fire in the middle of a wintery forest. Though I had no idea who he really was,  I strangely cared for his well-being but  he was completely oblivious to me and my attempts to grab his attention. At least that’s what I thought until he spoke the last lines of the poem to me. I woke up when he walked off into the dark.

This dream kept reappearing for several nights and the strange feeling of caring for someone I didn’t even know was pretty haunting. Then I wrote everything down and it disappeared as quickly as it came. Now, if any of you are apt in dream interpretation, I’d appreciate your ideas 😀

With or without interpretation, I really love these last lines, they’re giving me a calm and soothing feeling, despite the atmosphere of gloom that set the tone of my dream. So thanks to my subconsciousness, I guess, for coming up with some beautiful words of good-bye from God knows who.

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