Head over heels
over heart, over you.
Falling like the night,
like a veil
on us two.
Countless times,
countless years
your heart has lit me all the way
back home.

Near in this darkness,
in this pain,
in this storm.
Longing, never captured,
never found
the things we mourn.
But over times,
over years,
my soul was always bound to you


Hey everyone, I’m back 🙂

I am so sorry for my absence, but work has been crazy the past 4-5 weeks, keeping me away from almost everything that makes life sweet. I didn’t write a single line, didn’t play a note, didn’t work on my Icelandic. But luckily summer has started for me now and the next weeks should be a lot more relaxed. Plus, I’ll be going on holiday soon which will hopefully supply me with lots of new inspiration.

So a few words about today’s poem: “Veils” is a bit different to the poems I usually write. It is more vague in its descriptions, in my opinion, the pictures it paints are more hazy and difficult to grasp – like a picture you see through a veil, precisely. Non the less I had a clear topic in mind while writing. “Veils” is my attempt to put the feeling of longing into words, may it be for something or someone, or to be more precise, the feeling of longing for something or someone you’ve never had in your life which is quite different to the feeling of longing for something you’ve once had, if you ask me.

Hope you enjoy!

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