Pandora’s Box

He lives down by the sea,
the boy with the cloud-eyes,
the water calms his stormy mind
keeps his emotions in disguise.
All he gives, I’ll take,
yet they claim he’s not giving anything to me.
But he’s the music I’m needing,
the dreams I believe in,
the pain I’m feeling,
and you believe he’s not giving anything to me?
My boy and his cloud-eyes,
emotions below grey skies,
struggling to keep them in disguise.

And when he walks across black sands
he burns like fire and I’ve burnt my hands
but when he turns to show his smile
he shines so bright that it hurts my eyes.
Obliviously he walks
on, with every step towards Pandora’s box
and it leaves us soaked in rain,
crushed by waves
and drowned in pain,
but still we’re spellbound.

IMG_20150906_140909Picture: Arnastapi – Iceland ©Voiceandverse

Love is not logical – as the story of this poem tries to tell. Sometimes you might fall for people you shouldn’t. Maybe he/she is not ‘good’ for you, not what you really need at this point of your life. Maybe that person is with someone else or simply not ready  to love you. Everybody knows this is going to go wrong and you should probably try to find the fastest way to fall out of love. But you can’t, you won’t and most of all: you don’t want to. Because – and this is what I tried to emphasise  – it is still love and follows its illogical rules. You know a person is bad for you (or maybe you are the ‘bad’ one in this game) – but still he/ she makes your blood sing. You know it’s going to end in pain in tears – but for the moment you’re just spellbound by the other one’s presence.

So even though this poem has a darkish undertone, I actually consider it one of my lighter writings. It tells a story of love –  a love that might go horribly wrong, but it is love non the less.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Hey Sandra! I’m Soundarya from dragonsinmycoffee. I’m so glad I stumbled across your page 🙂 Your poetry really speaks to me and I hope to see more of it in the days to come!


    • Hi Soundarya, thank you so much for your kind words! 😊 Yes, there’s definitely more to come! I’m having a crazy work schedule at the moment so being creative is a distant dream at the moment, but it should be better in about two weeks. It’s so lovely to to hear someone is actually waiting for more! 😊 Take care!

      Liked by 1 person

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