The solemn man on his dark isle

I coyly turn and then undress
for him, who silently revealed
how much he longs, how much he needs my smile
I strip my body and my soul
for the solemn man on his dark isle.

The battered bluejeans and the shirt
the hopes and sorrows,
all the words of fierce denial
piece by piece the armour is falling down
for the solemn man on his dark isle.

I follow him into his room,
let his soft words flow through my mind
to please my heart and to beguile.
He lays my longing body down
the solemn man on his dark isle.

And then I lie upon his bed
sunlight flows in and paints deep shadows on his face
but still there’s a smile
his yearning real, his pain severe
my solemn man on his dark isle.

And when we lazily awake
the cool night crawls in to haunt our souls with fear of loneliness
so bitter and so vile
I put my armour on and leave
the solemn man on his dark isle.

Picture: ©greenphotoKK –

Oh well, so this time the tone is a bit darker. Quite a few of my poems do tend to be melancholic and maybe even slightly gloomy. Is it easier to write about loneliness and loss? No, definitely not, but what I need to write is a strong emotion of any kind. And apart from love these two must be some of the strongest and most life-changing emotions a human being can experience. Maybe that’s why I like writing about the bitter-sweet side of love (like in this poem) so much: It combines two strong and on the first glance opposing feelings which in the end have so much in common. Enjoy!


  1. This would possibly make great lyrics for a song. Have you tried putting it to music? In the opening line I think you meant to type “then”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Anthony, thanks for your kind words! No I haven’t tried to put it to music yet, to be honest, my songwriting skills are very basic still and I I think it wouldn’t turn out the way I’d like it to be. I’m working on my skills though, so maybe one day 🙂
      Thanks for pointing out the typo, I’m going to correct it later.


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